Are White Supremacists On The Run?

Michael Moore did an interesting podcast on the Capital insurrection.

He argues convincingly that these Trump insurrectionists (he calls them Trump’s Coup Klux Klanners) are predominantly white supremacists. And he calls attention to a lot of evidence that this insurrection was heavily supported by people within the government. Why were there only 500 DC cops present for this event that was known to be potentially volatile, when there are 2300 DC cops? Why were there so many delays bringing in reinforcements? He’s been insinuating himself in those halls for 30 years, trying to score interviews, and knows how difficult it is to gain entry. So, how did all those people get into the sanctum sanctorum? He’s seeing aspects of an inside job.

What I’m thinking is, we’re going to find out now, just how infiltrated our military, our government, our police force is with these people. A day of reckoning is at hand.

It makes sense. I’ve seen the power of these people wane throughout my lifetime. Fifty years ago, if you were in a room that seemed to contain only white people, somebody would pipe up with the latest N jokes, and if you didn’t laugh, you’d be suspect. Now, if you make a racist-sounding remark you can lose a million-dollar contract overnight. The tables have totally turned. I’m not the one getting fired as a ‘suspect’ anymore. They’re the ones.

I knew it when the George Floyd protests erupted and you saw every bit as many white folks as black involved. I knew the N lover taboo was dead, that son of a bitch that gutted so much of my life for flaunting it so consistently. Those white BLM-ers weren’t afraid to come out anymore. A racist environment doesn’t exist because the majority wants it, but because those who don’t particularly like it are afraid to oppose it.

There’s a certain tipping point. The schoolyard bully will hold sway, no one will oppose him because they fear he’ll single them out as well, so they say nothing as he terrorizes some kid. Something has to happen to his power for the schoolyard to turn on him, en masse, and kick his ass.

It’s at that point. You turn on the news, most stations, and racist events are resoundingly condemned in the verbiage of the reporting.

They’re on the run. And now they’ve exposed themselves. It’s no longer some murky intangible, impossible to pinpoint. Sure, we’ve still all got all that unconscious bias that makes us all, black and white, behave negatively towards people of color in ways we’re scarcely aware of, but now the hard-core perps are being outed in ways everyone will recognize for who they are.

And that will be the best thing Trump did for this country. He’s pushed things so far right that it is crashing, unsupported, from its own weight, and the uglier and more violent they get in protest, the more thoroughly and decisively they will be rejected and routed out.

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