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Are White Supremacists On The Run?

Michael Moore did an interesting podcast on the Capital insurrection.

He argues convincingly that these Trump insurrectionists (he calls them Trump’s Coup Klux Klanners) are predominantly white supremacists. And he calls attention to a lot of evidence that this insurrection was heavily supported by people within the government. Why were there only 500 DC cops present for this event that was known to be potentially volatile, when there are 2300 DC cops? Why were there so many delays bringing in reinforcements? He’s been insinuating himself in those halls for 30 years, trying to score interviews, and knows how difficult it is to gain entry. So, how did all those people get into the sanctum sanctorum? He’s seeing aspects of an inside job.

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Is olive skin considered caucasian?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is to date, 1/6/21, my third most popular post on Quora. To date, it has seen 39,400 views, with 69 upvotes. Overall, I have received 2.5 million views on Quora, and was designated a Top Writer in 2018.

For the moment I’ll go with the assumption that “caucasian” means ‘white’ as that word is used in America, though I’ve written a lot debunking that. Olive complected people are on the fence. America will grant them full white privileges based on which side of the Mediterranean they hale from, whether they’re lineage is Christian or Moslem, and whether their folks spoke a romance language or not, a Slavic language will also be accepted.

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