How could we be mirrors to each other?


What does it mean if there are White people who’ve been through, pretty much, the same thing, at the same time, that Black people have been through? Could there be such a parallel universe?

Hitler learning of Ustaša atrocities. Note: No historical figures were harmed in the altering of this image. Unfortunatley.

Five hundred years as chattel, held in Jim-Crow style bondage, ruled by terrorism, with no rights your oppressors are bound to respect. Then 100 years as vermin, butchered so sadistically even Hitler is appalled, while your own family meets with cultural genocide. You don’t even know who you are. But what’s that haunting you? Do you still somehow know who you really are?

Can people really go through so much trauma for so long, and sacrifice so much for each other, just to have it all disappear as if it means nothing? Can oppressors take an orphan, keep her as a slave and forbid her to say who she is, and that’s enough to destroy an identity wrestled out of an extraordinary history of resistance and survival?

scrubbing-floor2But something miraculous happens. Your family has been thrown onto a continent where your clones exist. People who are hated the same way, for the same reasons. Same story line. Exploited the same ways. Same issues. Same shattered identity, which they are reconstructing. And identifying with those stories is all you need to start reconstructing yours. You’re back, rescued from extinction. You don’t know it, but you are once again living in the mind of your own kind.

What would you want to say to them, your clones, your twins? What would you want from them? What would you have to offer them? How well would you understand them? How would you feel about them? Assuming that it’s true, people like us ARE important, we DO matter, and you can’t send us into oblivion and no one will even notice, or care, not even us. We do. We know who we are and that we’re really special, and that the world needs us. We know that down to the bone, down to the DNA. It’s hard-wired in.

Maybe there are two kinds of people in the world, but Black and White isn’t what describes them. Maybe there’s a more meaningful definition.

Ready for Serbification? It starts here:

Serbifying American Racism

Serbs make lousy racists. We can try, I mean, really, really try, but we fail, we mess it up.


Take my dad as a prime example. He was a Krajina Serb who didn’t know who he was. He thought he was an American Bigot.

uppity-negroFirst let me explain who Krajina Serbs are. The ethnic Serbs of Croatia. Minority Serbs. Ghetto Serbs. Ghetto Thugs on Welfare Serbs. We are, I submit, in the course of human history, the Uppitiest Negroes of all time. What nobody told you in school is that the reason Europe was never colonized by the Middle East is because, at that point of entry into the West, a bunch of ragtag runaway slaves were set aloose on their enslavers. Now who in the world could ever get past people like that?

Am I right? Serbian Border Guard

The Austrian crown (the Feds) cut us a deal where not only did we get 40 acres and a mule if we could make it past the (equivalent of the) Mason Dixon line, but we got horses, and weapons and military PAY and TRAINING. And all we had to do was kick the ass of our Ottoman oppressors who were holding our brothers and sisters in bondage on the other side of the border. With pleasure. No matter how much of our blood we shed. Our ladies would have twenty babies to keep up. There probably isn’t a place on earth more soaked with the blood of people who never really owned the land they were fighting for. Never has more blood been shed in defense of land never fully possessed — the No-Man’s-Land between the East and the West. The Krajina. The Kordun.

So we were buffalo soldiers for about 300 years. It’s like Reconstruction and Jim Crow got caught in a loop that kept repeating for three centuries. That’s the kind of mind you’re talking about here. Just take that vibe and push it out to the extreme. So what kind of people would that be?

It’s the kind of person who could be born on another continent, not knowing anything about the above, except every scrap of emotional distress inevitable in someone who has been brainwashed into believing that that glorious creature I’ve described above is worthless, ugly and stupid.

verminYou see, we’d done our job so well that eventually, there was no longer a threat of invasion from the Middle East, We then slipped from chattel status into vermin status (that happens when you are no longer making a profit or providing a service for the people oppressing you.) We were destitute, despised and bombarded constantly with that brainwashing until an eleven year old orphan succumbed and was tricked into that most violated of states – passing — my grandmother, passing for the people exterminating us.

So, we end up here.

They had no idea what they were doing when they gave us the Magic N word that was supposed to turn us into proper American White people. What a concept! They were going to turn the Uppitiest Negroes of All Time into proper American White people, with one lousy word. What they were doing was handing us OUR identity, in the form of a film negative, that only needed to be printed into its positive form, and there we would be again, in all our glory. Slava. Glory. That’s what the word ‘slave’ really means. The Glorious People.

Strategy #1: Make racism as repulsive as humanly possible.

So here’s the first big clue he inadvertently gave me. Remember, he had no idea what he was doing. This was totally on auto-pilot. His diatribes of racist rants were very short repeating skips in a vinyl record. The records were so broken, so unbearably, obnoxiously

so unbearably, obnoxiously
so unbearably, obnoxiously
so unbearably, obnoxiously
so unbearably, obnoxiously
so unbearably, obnoxiously

broken that even a Klanner, by the end of the day, subjected to one of those records, would have grabbed him by the collar and told him, ‘If you say one more word about them Negroes, I’m going to punch you out.”

Strategy #2: Make the identification dead obvious.

Then he gave another clue even the simple-minded would catch. He talked about us EXACTLY the same way he talked about them Negroes. Couldn’t none of us do anything right. All day long I was bombarded with trifling diatribes on how stupid I was for every move I made. I could not defend myself. Nothing I said in my own defense was ever relevant. But something magical happened. When he was caught up in his obnoxiously short repeating loop of racism if I cut in with one of those lines my imaginary friend, King Martin, was feeding me, I would stop him short. He would look at me with a stunned expression, as if manna were dropping from heaven and then, HE WOULD SHUT UP.

He would be normal for awhile. He wasn’t even berating us for a spell. I told you it was a Magic word. He was showing me exactly what I needed to do to invoke its powers, and set us free.

Strategy #3. Reward Anti-Racist Behavior Lavishly

It went on relentlessly. This hopelessly dysfunctional man who was subjecting me to the brainwashed self-image he, George, was heir to, was also showering me with exquisite attention whenever we fought the duel that slew the Grand Dragon. One hundred years after grandma had ‘converted’ I learned that our family’s patron saint is St. George. True. Grandma named her second-born son after our patron saint in the religion we were forced to abandon, the religion that defined who we were, and gloriously defended us against horrendous onslaughts to that identity. The one word we’d never forget. How’s that for the double-talk of the enslaved?

Anyway, by the time I came of age, 18, I had had every debate with a bigot known to man, and I had WON EVERY ONE. And we had managed, entirely on instinct, to reconstruct that mind that had been so violated. We were back. In substance if not in name. And I was set upon the world. A first. I became a first. uppity-negro

Like most girls I was entirely conventional in my romantic orientation. It was patterned after my opposite-sex parent. I might experiment here and there, but at the end of the day I was meant for a guy just like the guy that married dear old mom. An uppity Negro.

At 18 in 1970, in Chicago (racist capital of the universe) I was the first White female with a Black male any number of people ever saw and eviscerated with their disgust. I had to withstand that reaction. But I had found my way back to a No-Man’s-Land, my lost homeland. And what the heck, our teenage girls have more guts than most grown men elsewhere. I stood my ground. After a decade of those below-the-belt racist assaults I was fairly well gutted. I did shut down, but I never backed down.

All that being said just to let you know where I’m coming from. Now let’s move on to the next step in the Serbification process, Serbifying God.  I told you we were uppity.

Serbifying God

We really are crazy. Crazy beautiful. If you want to cut to the absolute chase on who Serbs are in essence, all you need to know is the Meaning of the Battle of Kosovo. It’s also a short course on how to love every square inch of your enslaved self. (You never know when that might come in handy.)

Kosovski bojIt all started about the 14th century. It looked like us Serbs were going to be the next Big Boys on the Block, running mayhem on our neighbors, stealing their lives, their land, their wealth, anything we could lay our hands on, treating them like dogs for as long as we could, and then leaving them like sucked out shells of what they’re supposed to be.

But God saw that coming and he said, “Oh no! Not my Serbs! I don’t want them turning into assholes like that. They’re my special people!!!”

That’s exactly what He said. Those very words.

All of which takes us straight to the Field of Blackbirds, Kosovo. The land route between East and West. Kosovo Sure enough, the day came when every army from India to North Africa and everything in between was coming down on us then and there. It was the night before the big battle and an Angel of God appeared to King Lazar (aka Saint Lazar) and asked him, “What do you want, Prince, an earthly kingdom, or, ta-ta-ta-Da, a Heavenly Kingdom?”

Of course, being a devout man who loved God he said, “Why, the Heavenly Kingdom, of course. That’s what lasts forever.”

White Angel“Now hold up there, my prince,” said the Angel. “Full disclosure here, if you choose the Earthly Kingdom, tomorrow you win, and will be the most powerful, wealthy man on earth. But if you choose, ta-ta-ta-Da, the Heavenly Kingdom, tomorrow you lose. You will die, as will most of the people you know, and your people will suffer as slaves for hundreds of years.”

Prince Lazar only needed to hesitate for a moment when he replied, “Nonetheless, I must choose the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Congratulations!” said the Angel. “You made the right choice. Tomorrow you lose!”

Yep. Told you we were crazy. We chose this mess. We chose to be slaves.

Teodor-of-Vrsac the martyr
Before the Turks got the hang of ruling by proxy.

Actually, it’s not crazy at all. It’s the crazy mess given us by The Turk (pronounced exactly like ‘The Man’). Ruling by proxy. They don’t get their hands dirty brutalizing their subject populations themselves. They stay all righteous looking while they seduce or coerce some of that population to do that dirty work for them. (Sounds like American foreign policy.)

The con was to let it be known that anyone converting to Islam will be embraced as equals and given every opportunity for advancement any other Moslem man has. Just one bit of fine print. Your entry-level job will be that of slave-driving goon to your own people.

What Serbs demonstrate to the world is that when human beings are given that “choice” the overwhelming majority of them have a very concise response. Just two letters. F and U.

Don’t be fooled. There are some White guys under all that silk.

The Ottomans had so much trouble recruiting their ‘proxies’ they had to start kidnapping every fifth eight-year-old boy and brainwashing him into a goon. The janissaries. The basis of the Bosniak population.

So if Black Americans have been/still are tormented with  being trapped in a condition they can never choose to leave, we were tormented with that ability. If you want to understand what that torment does to people just remember the violence in the Balkans in the Nineties. The Turks (and Austrians) created that. For 530 years they cultivated and nurtured horrendous hatreds between brothers that will plague us for ages to come. Every superpower who comes down the pike is going to exploit those hatreds and pit us at each other. (Now we’re talking U.S.  military strategy in the Balkans. So genius. It destroyed a sovereign nation and lost only 12 American servicemen.)

Back to the choice. Every single one of us, for 530 years of slavery, had the choice to leave it. Every single one of us ‘chose’ to be a slave. That’s why the legend that became church dogma is so central to the Serbian soul. Think about how hard of a choice that was. People get really messed up living in a predicament like that. Constantly you’re going to be wondering, ‘Why am I putting up with these crazy people? I could be living like a decent human being with all my civil rights? Why am I messing with these fools?”

You’re messing with them because all that ostensible “freedom of choice” was a crock.  It was not a choice between being slave or free.  It was a choice between being a slave or a slave driver to your own people.  And you become vastly more messed up betraying your own. The best choice, the best adaptation is to believe exactly what the legend says. You’re living through this mess because God loves you best, and if those are the only two choices you get, to be a slave or to be a slave-driver, being a slave is MUCH better.

Isn’t that obvious? That was always obvious to me, a natural throwback Serb.

What sprang from that was a huge body of literature, the literature of the illiterate – chanted poems that bolstered and praised and adored those who stood fast and made that choice. (We’ve been rapping for 500 years.) And a church percolating with dogma that beautified that choice and those who made it.

So, for my part, I had a country full of subliminally racist White people persecuting me for what they imagined (lustfully) was my perverse predilection for legendary, animalistic body parts. In truth, I was choosing the Heavenly Kingdom.

I was being loyal to my own kind. Third World colonized people living in Diaspora. That is who I was. Who I am. Those are the people I’m loyal to.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

  1. People who choose the “Earthly Kingdom.” These are people who are willing to live in denial that they are enslaving and/or exploiting and/or abusing their neighbors, whom they have defined as ‘others’ beneath their concern.
  2. People who choose the “Kingdom of Heaven.” The people who refuse to do the above.

The world gets very clear when defined this way. The heroine in “The Constant Gardener,” the affluent British woman who martyrs herself to stop homicidal medical experimentation on Africans, no longer needs some smarmy definition of a do-gooding radical. She’s simply someone who has chosen the Kingdom of Heaven. She doesn’t want any part of people who are willing to enslave/exploit others and she does whatever she’s capable of doing to stop them. And people have aligned themselves around her, or against her, on those terms. And color is no qualifier in who’s choosing what.

Because it’s not about color. It’s about power and whether you want the conception and implementation of it to become more civilized, or if you just want some of the same old, same old as long as you’re getting some for yourself. Okay, so now we’re ready for the next step:

Serbifying African American History

color-codingWe’ve seen how the Serbs got to be slaves because God loved them best. but there’s a new challenge on the horizon. With the world getting smaller it’s obvious that the next great oppression of choice is going to be color-coded. It’s nip and tuck which way it’s going to go, but God has to make the obvious choice.

He has to choose the people with the greatest emotional intelligence to handle this difficult assignment and take the world to the next level. It was one thing developing that crazy brave gene that enabled slaves (Serbs) to prevail against a superpower. But this is even better. This is a game changer that ushers in the highest development in human evolution. The Geek Angels have been furiously at work on it. It’s going to change everything, worldwide. The NVR gene. The Non-Violent Resistance gene.

The conditions will be perfect. You’ve got people completely stripped of their humanity immediately (not like Serbs who had 70 years to acclimate to their encroaching bondage). They are defenseless in a strange land, completely outnumbered. A military response is impossible. The only response possible is to reach deep within themselves to find that lost humanity and then convict their abusers of it. War becomes a spiritual battle (you know God’s gotta love that one) to alter that evil-doer’s conscience. spiritual-warfareAnd at the end of the day, you’ve finally got a situation where abused people rise to a proper social status in a way other than by becoming abusers themselves. Eureka! Humanity is finally getting somewhere.

The whole Serb deal was such a disappointment. After all that beautiful effort and sacrifice by way of the Crazy Brave gene that the Geek Angels concocted for the Serbs, that saved western Europe from colonization, what did western Europe turn around and do?

Colonize the world.

You have no idea how disappointed we are with those people. I know, I know, you’re going to jump up and say, ‘but you’re White.” No, now what you have to do every time one of those brainwashed thoughts jump up, you have to say at least three times, “Serbs are Third World people. Serbs are Third World people. Serbs are damn fine Third World people.” Gotta’ silence that American delusion. It’s only purpose is to divide and disempower us.

belgrade-1999So back to the genes concocted for the special people God likes best. The effects of these two genes are subtle. It’s just a little spike that’s there in the general population. So, while the rest of the world runs into the basement when it hears an air raid alarm, Serbs print out a big bulls eye, pin it to their chests, run out to the bridges and, in unison, flip birds at the US birds flying overhead (true story). I’ll have to tell you the story about how we won WWII with garden hoes sometime, but let’s get back to America and the NVR gene.

It’s the most spectacular thing. I mean, you’ve got regular people in a ridiculous predicament who are obviously mad as hell about it, hating it, eventually push comes to shove and people are at the breaking point. Tempers are at a fever pitch, It’s time to fight back, so everybody gets up early and walks to work instead of taking the bus.

rosa-parksThey do it all by themselves. Just average, ordinary people. Don’t need to have any money, any education, any leadership. Nothing. They just know what to do. Together. And they think they have no unity and they’re all over the map in ideology, but it doesn’t matter. Everybody just does that weird, unexpected thing that is impossible to disrespect.

I’ve become quite paranoid in my old age and I believe that there are nefarious forces at work at the top of the food chain. It’s not paranoia to say that such forces in this country instigated the race war that sent my Krajina people to the brink of extinction. It’s just a collection of facts. My paranoia is that I see the same tactics going down here and now. I think “they” want to get rid of some dead weight and eliminate the ghetto, by whatever means necessary.

They are quite adept at doing something like that, all while making it look like the ghetto is at fault, being aggressive. (As in “genocidal, fascist Serbs” remember? One of those really, really, really BIG lies.) All that recipe needs is polarization. Get the races going at each other. So I’m listening in terror to how divisive and downright hateful the neo-Separatist rhetoric has gotten. One after another demigod steps up to foment those maligned as ‘thugs’ into a frenzy. If they’re internet demigods speaking anonymously, I’m wondering if they aren’t really bald White guys in cubicles at the Pentagon keeping the aggressive verbiage flying. That will get the race war afoot so they can start the air strikes on the ghetto. And it will look like they’re just doing that to protect America, Black and White from these terrorist ghetto thugs.

liquori-tateAnd then that beautiful kid who was a rookie cop gets shot in Mississippi and I turn on the TV, and there are these people aglow with something holy — the boy’s family — talking about how they forgive the shooters.

Then that crazy White boy kills those nine people in the church, and what’s the first statement made by a family member? “I forgive him.”

The Baltimore riot had me in fits, thinking this is it. They’re going to call in the air strikes. But then I see some little White girl with some kind of foreign accent or other interview the guy who videotaped the Freddie Gray arrest. She comments that he’s a hero and he starts crying, this big hulk of a dude, looking prototypically ‘thuggish.’ Then he cries about justice. Then you find out the reason the curfew worked was because the elders in the neighborhoods got out into the street and told the rambunctious youngsters to go on home.

charleston-churchThere’s always been ridicule that when there’s a riot, Black people just burn up their own neighborhoods. That’s not foolishness. That’s the NVR gene at work. Even worked up into a riot psychology people still know not to cross that line and give The Man an excuse to level their neighborhood. Works on auto-pilot.

If those nefarious schemers are unable to do Black Americans in the way they did us, it won’t be because they lack the means or the will. It will be that NVR gene that will keep deflecting those schemes.

Serbifying the world is a beautiful thing,
but Africanizing it is off the charts.

So, we’ve gone ahead and transcended Serbification. You get a special reward. A musical tour of the lost Krajina. Just close your eyes and imagine a beautiful Piedmont full of empty boarded-up farmhouses and family plots with a number of identical headstones about twenty years old. You’ll also be able to hear just how long we were Middle Eastern slaves.

(Elo Hi from the album, La Reine Margot, by Goran Bregovic, lyrics translation)


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