Is olive skin considered caucasian?

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For the moment I’ll go with the assumption that “caucasian” means ‘white’ as that word is used in America, though I’ve written a lot debunking that. Olive complected people are on the fence. America will grant them full white privileges based on which side of the Mediterranean they hale from, whether they’re lineage is Christian or Moslem, and whether their folks spoke a romance language or not, a Slavic language will also be accepted.

There’s a huge distaste for any Islamic origins currently, and that association immediately loses out on the WP designation. That’s why you have people like the Kardashians, (anbody with a last name that rhymes with Armenian is Armenian) who are not European based, they’re flat-out Middle Eastern in their biological origins, but since they’re Christian, they’re perceived as white in America. Similarly Turks look no different than others in that general area, but because they’re Moslem, the American presumption is to see them as not white.

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