Land of Blood and Bullshit

bosnia-92I came across Angelina Jolie’s movie, “Land of Blood and Honey” on Netflix. I didn’t realize it was hers at first and watched curiously to see if there might be anything worthwhile. The movie opened with a title describing Bosnia as one of the most diverse countries in Europe, where everyone was living in harmony.
The first few minutes were about two nice young women and a baby.

I remembered what my Srpkinja friend had told me a few weeks ago, that Serbs are darker than Bosniaks (Muslim Bosnians) and noted that the movie had that switched, as I’d expected. You could easily fool Americans with this, Americans expect the opposite. (We Serbs were chattel to Middle Eastern people for half a millenium, don’t forget. That’s what happens. You just start looking like the people chattelizing you, I guess by magic, you just admire them so much.) Then she has a date with the fairer-complected Serb.

Then, the next thing you know all the men in her apartment building are taken around back and machine gunned by a bunch of Serbian thugs, and the good looking women taken to a rape camp where the good looking brunette’s former date is the guy who’s running the camp. It’s all completely unmotivated. Oh yeah, the war of aggression in which Serbs invaded 70% of Bosnia. Oh, that’s right. They did that 1500 years ago and have been farming that land ever since. Okay, so if they’re peaceable farmers for 1500 years how did they suddenly up and start raping neighbor women in a war of aggression? If Yugoslavia was being disintegrated after the US decreed no more foreign aid would go there until it was disintegrated, (in the public record) and Serbs were the ones who wanted it to stay together, why would they be going on a homicidal binge alienating everyone? I couldn’t watch any more. It made no sense, and it made me sick. So I googled a little and found this:

This second video is very disturbing. It seems rather balanced, explaining the straits both sides were in. The larger Moslem towns were surrounded by 50 small Serbian villages. The Moslem towns were starving, cut off from supplies by the state of war. They began attacking the Serbian villages, many civilians were brutally slaughtered. Then a peace plan was negotiated. but Clinton scuttled it. There’s a man, a Srebenica police chief I assume is Moslem (Bosniak) who was called to a meeting with the President of Bosnia, Alija Izet-Begovic to discuss the peace plan. President Izet-Begovic then claimed that Clinton had told him “If the Chetniks (Serbs) enter Srebenica and slaughter 5,000 Moslems, there will be military intervention by NATO forces on Serb positions throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Police chief was appalled by that, since it would mean his countrymen would comprise the 5,000 dead people. He points out that he doesn’t know if Clinton actually said that, but it is what the Bosnian President, Izetbegovic, told him was said. Then he was asked by Izet-Begovic if he would accept an exchange of Srebrenica for Vogisca, He and the others with him told President Izetbegovic that they had no mandate from the people they represented to make any deals. Still shocked and appalled they were paraded through an assembly as war heroes and then left for home wondering if it was true, they were going to be sacrificed.

It’s a fairly long piece and needs to be watched carefully. Lots of details. Everybody looks the same, so it’s important to keep track of who’s who, I’m hitting the pause button a lot to keep up.

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