World War II Persecution of the Minority Serbs of Croatia

It was common for the war crimes that occurred in countries that went on to become communist, not to receive any attention in the West. Americans have no idea what happened then, a fact that was heavily exploited by the egregious propaganda churned out by the American military/intelligence complex during the Bosnian War. It remains difficult to find primary source accounts of this genocide in English.

Horrendously brutal exterminations of hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Romas and Jews, but mostly Serbs, were carried out that the West never heard about. There is a document in Serbian, Sela Kotara Vrginmosta u Narodnooslobodi­l`a?`koj Borbi or, “Vrginmost District During the People’s War of Liberation (WWII).”

I’ve translated a bit of it via machines and the help of a friend. I used the narrative concerning one village in particular, Perna, in my novel. That portion is here to give you a flavor of the violence of the time that was occurring in the villages. It’s an indication of the liquidations that were occurring in people’s homes, village by village.  This is a semi-dramatization, I do need to re-write it to intensify it as prose, but it’s actually perfect for this purpose, since it’s very close to the testimonies.  I created it by putting the list of deaths into date order.  The story line popped.  The reprisal on the Postic and Roknic families, whose household heads were early Partisans.

This is a scene in which the protagonist, Leslie, is visited by a group of ghosts, her family members who died in that war. They’re telling her their story.  Jovana is an older cousin, who has been haunting Leslie, in a loving way, as her Guardian Angel Godmother since she was a child.

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