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The Confederate Flag Debate: What it Indicates

My nephew, who’s African American, shared this on his Facebook page. We had a good laugh about the butt flags.


But seriously, I’m hearing a lot of White people talking about how this damn Confederate flag business is not a big deal, that First Amendment rights are being trampled, and there are lots of other things we could be focusing on that are more important. I thought a Krajina Serb perspective on this issue might be helpful.

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Land of Blood and Bullshit

bosnia-92I came across Angelina Jolie’s movie, “Land of Blood and Honey” on Netflix. I didn’t realize it was hers at first and watched curiously to see if there might be anything worthwhile. The movie opened with a title describing Bosnia as one of the most diverse countries in Europe, where everyone was living in harmony.
The first few minutes were about two nice young women and a baby.

I remembered what my Srpkinja friend had told me a few weeks ago, that Serbs are darker than Bosniaks (Muslim Bosnians) and noted that the movie had that switched, as I’d expected. You could easily fool Americans with this, Americans expect the opposite. (We Serbs were chattel to Middle Eastern people for half a millenium, don’t forget. That’s what happens. You just start looking like the people chattelizing you, I guess by magic, you just admire them so much.) Then she has a date with the fairer-complected Serb.

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