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Interracial Relationships Between Black Men and White Women — The Worst Marriages in America

BMWFmarriageThe statistics are dismal. The interracial marriages of Black men and White women are twice as likely to crash and burn as anyone else’s. There are twice as many Black male/White female marriages as White male/Black female marriages, but after ten year’s time there are more White male/Black Female marriages still standing. Their marriages are 44% above-average in their survival rates.

As a survivor of a long-term Black male/White female marriage that failed, I want to put in my two-cent theory on all this.

No. I’m not going to blame Black males.

I’m not going to blame White females, either.

I’m going to blame it on the inadequate ideology that exists in America on how we are to relate to one another.

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Babies are Bigots

baby-bigotsI just watched this absolutely fascinating 60 Minutes segment on babies.  These researchers have found a way to test babies that show that morality is inborn. They show a little five-month-old three puppets, one puppet helps the other puppet get a toy and the baby likes that puppet best. But, there’s another side to these little infants. First the researchers get a detail about the baby that he likes cheerios better than graham crackers. He prefers the puppet who also likes cheerios, who is also mean to the puppet who likes graham crackers. Apparently, bigotry is inborn and only unlearned by around age ten in a properly socialized youngster.

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My Comments Re: Dr. Boyce Watkins
on Reverse Racism

What’s my objection? In a word. None. I have no argument with what the man is actually saying. It’s the sound byte. The headline. I’m on his email list. So a week or so ago it appeared. That headline zapped me.

dr-boyce-watkinsDear White People “Reverse Racism” is Not Real, So Stop Using the Term

Actually, I stopped using the term years ago because of the disconnect I’m about to delve into. He’s complaining about the way some White folks will dismiss the need for accommodations that offset the imbalances centuries of institutionalized racism have created. Denying accommodations by calling them racist is absurd.

I know about accommodations. I ask a simple one of the world it consistently denies me. It has to do with the awkward way the word ‘White’ applies to me. I am White, but I am also a genocided, extinct person living in Diaspora who chose to assimilate since childhood to the people here the most like us, who are, in fact, a tremendous resource for people like me.  Under the circumstances that’s a no-brainer accommodation. But rather than respecting it, the American world consistently attempts to either shame or exploit me over it.

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on Reverse Racism

How Serbs and Black Americans Are Alike

Okay, so I keep getting this skeptical look on everybody’s face when I say “We’re so alike!” Nobody wants to believe me. How could some obscure Europeans (Serbs) that our very own CIA labeled fascist be like African Americans? That makes no sense. It’s been hard for me to summarize since I’ve observed so many little things and big things and all the things in between. But after several years of careful observation since I found out who I really was and could hang with my own peeps, I’ve narrowed it down to just a few key elements, all of which relate directly to our common histories/experience of the world.

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The Myth of the White Whore

There is a pocket of racism — a cornerstone in the development of hereditary slavery and institutionalized racism — that is, to date, largely unchallenged and in many ways, still in effect.   It has survived so tenaciously because it effects only a tiny segment of the population directly, but its effects are far-reaching nonetheless.  Let me explain the history.

The Free Persons of Color

There was a curious class of people in the antebellum South – the Free Persons of Color  (often termed FPC). They were mostly the children of White mothers and Black fathers, both usually servants. They came into existence in that period of time when the institution of slavery was still unformed and unsettled, when there was a degree of fluidity of status for Black people and their status might differ little from many Whites.

But things changed.

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Without Peer

I had a  run-in recently with some hard-headed, willfully obtuse neo-separatist bigots. The Black kind, (I don’t even talk to the White kind). I had made an assertion earlier that I should be spoken to as a peer, as an equal, not typecast as a White troll because I’m identifiable as what’s referred to there as ‘Albinic.’ That’s what some people are calling White people now.  It’s touché for ‘Mongoloid’ – which is the word for both a race of people (Asians) and mental retardation. So that’s the new racial ‘science,’ the new spin on European skintone is that it’s caused by a genetic disorder. Unhealthy, malfunctioning DNA. Albinism.

Okay, after 600 years of being constantly maligned as inferior subhumans, you don’t talk like that to a Serb.

Not unless you’re ready to be in for it.

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