The Confederate Flag Debate: What it Indicates

My nephew, who’s African American, shared this on his Facebook page. We had a good laugh about the butt flags.


But seriously, I’m hearing a lot of White people talking about how this damn Confederate flag business is not a big deal, that First Amendment rights are being trampled, and there are lots of other things we could be focusing on that are more important. I thought a Krajina Serb perspective on this issue might be helpful.

Serbifying the Confederate flag

Us ghetto Serbs (minority Serbs of Croatia) had the same issue come up not too long ago. It was in the late 80’s, early 90’s when America was secretly slipping the children of fascist Ustaša monsters, whom it had harbored, back into Croatia. The Soviet Union had crashed and the time was right for the West to start dismantling the Soviet bloc countries that buffer Russia from Western aggression, I mean, Western capitalism. It’s well known that the US harbored war criminals from countries that became Communist to be used for such purposes. Those criminals never faced prosecution, and their crimes were unknown to the West.


The Ustaša were the Croatian White Aryan Supremacists who slaughtered three quarters of a million of us in the forties so sadistically Hitler was appalled. He considered his approach to extermination to be humane euthanasia in comparison. But what the Ustaša did to us was like Emmett Till times 750,000 in two years’ time. That’s what we went through. Great Aunt Sarah had 12 living children before WWII she lost two in grotesque death camps, four were culturally genocided away from her.


So, soon after the monster scion hit Croatia, hate crimes spiked and one day somebody decided to fly the Ustaša flag over one of the courthouses. Croats like to point out that the checkerboard pattern was on a Hrvat (Croat) flag a few hundred years ago, so using that motif had NOTHING TO DO with genocidal fascism. Just those crazy, paranoid Serbs kicking another fuss, acting like total victims the way we always want to act and seeing Serb-hating racism behind every bush.

(This is real confusing here, but in this scenario the White Aryan supremacists (Croats) and the denigrated inferiors (Serbs) are actually phenotypical cousins, but that never stops people who want to be hating on somebody handy. It is kind of weird when somebody is exterminating you as racially inferior and you’re the same race, kind of a gallows humor there, but I’m sure at that moment that will be the last thing on your mind.) The real truth of the matter is, the more you’re like the person you hate, the more you hate them. If you want to see an American example, check out how racist some Upper South people claiming Indian descent can be. You’ll hear someone spitting out that his own cousin is just a n–gg–r. The one who looks like his twin. That’s including the nappy hair. Of course, he keeps his head shaved.

Anyway, there was a big fuss kicked about the Ustaša flag up on that courthouse. Serbs were demanding that it come down. Rhetoric was flying high.

The response was to put that flag up on ALL the courthouses.

Still, it’s human nature to want to believe that things just can’t get as bad as they were in the 40’s. So much progress had been made. Mixed marriages were at an all-time high. Everything had been so harmonious for so long. Everyone had worked so hard at living like brothers and sisters. There’s no way it could degenerate into that nightmare again. So us ghetto Serbs kept hoping all this polarization was going to pass.

We clung to that belief when our churches and restaurants started being bombed and burned.

Then all us Serbs got fired. It was a popular move, since the Croats all knew that none of us deserved those jobs, anyway. None of us were any good at them. We just had them because of the quotas.

Still, the average Serbs wanted to believe this would all blow over.

But everybody gave up on that fantasy the night the cops stopped a drunk old Serb in the street, put a noose around his neck, tied it to the back of their bumper, and dragged his (now dead) body through the Serbian part of town for a few hours so everybody would know for sure what time it was.

Is there a place in your heart for us?

That’s when all the arrests kicked in. People from all walks of life were targeted. Police would take them away for ‘questioning,’ and they’d disappear. Except for some mutilated bodies found floating downriver. It wasn’t till after the ensuing war that the mass graves were uncovered.


Then, when everybody was quite sure there would be no mercy for any segment of the Serb population, the announcement was made that everyone must leave. But first they had to pay their light bill. Then they had to leave everything they owned behind. Remember those photos of the clogged highways? They didn’t show you photos of the US planes strafing those defenseless people. And what you don’t know is that it’s currently a joke in Croatia to refer to that ‘tractor parade’ with glee.

Let me give you a few more details on Croatia. Remember Franjo Tudjman, the President during that war? Listen to this guy:

“Genocide is a natural phenomenon, in harmony with the sociological and mythological divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted, it is recommended, even commanded by the word of the Almighty, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith.” (that being Roman Catholicism for Tudjman.)

And we can’t forget this statement from his government demanding that all “nonwhite” UN troops be removed from Croatia, claiming that only “first-world troops” were sufficiently sensitized to Croatia’s problems.

That’s who the US was backing and enabling. During the war, US media was filled with stories about Serbs genociding everybody. All you have to do is Wiki the census for the Balkans to see that the only people ACTUALLY genocided were the ethnic Serbs of Croatia, us. We were 20% before WWII, after we were 15%. Now, after that US-instigated war in the Nineties, we’re 4%. That’s what you call a successful genocide.

I got news from my friend in Belgrade that fascism is on the rise worldwide. For us, that means that there have been as many hate crimes against Serbs in Croatia in the first five months of 2015 as there were in all of 2014. Since all that’s left are old people too helpless to leave, those are the only targets left. Last month they beat up an 80 y.o. woman for breathing while Serb.

(Those details from the Nineties above I gleaned from “Persecution of Serbs and Ethnic Cleansing in Croatia 1991-1998.” and Michael Parenti’s “To Kill a Nation.”)

The reality is that the same ‘liberal’ administration, the same President, Bill Clinton, that instigated the mass incarceration of hundreds of thousands of Black Americans also instigated the race war that sent my people to the brink of extinction. This is all of a piece.

What I want to suggest is that studying how the US behaved in instigating that war, who it was she supported and promoted, how she went about destroying the economy, the government, the military infrastructure of a sovereign nation, a federation of states living in harmony with a healthy economy and excellent services for its citizens, reveals just how racist this country is — with what ease she will disregard the existence of ‘others’ in the way of her ambitions. It’s like catching her with her pants down, when she thinks nobody’s paying much attention, since it’s white-on-white racism nobody sees for what it is, and she can do whatever she wants, be her own natural self.

Black people in America are in great danger. All we can hope is that people still joke good-naturedly about the flag issue, like in the photo at the top, and that there are enough politicians like the SC governor and legislature who will do things like backing the banning of the flag.

What we should take from the example of the Balkans is that any country with a history of fascist genocide like Croatia and the US can very easily degenerate back into the mass denial needed to do more violence to its vulnerable minorities. And those little icons, like funky old fascist flags, are very significant weather vanes on just how far the degeneration has gone.

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